zSpace Laptop, the first “VR” laptop

Recently arrived on the market, this new product powered by the American company zSpace completes a range of “VR” computers, previously composed of two all-in-one products, the zspace AIO Pro and AIO.

Beyond the mobility provided by this Laptop, a first for a “VR” PC, we offer you an overview in order to discover it a little more closely.


Getting Started with the zSpace Laptop

At first glance, ”  hood  Closed, its appearance is no different from a large laptop, workstation type or gaming PC. It is indeed difficult to imagine at this stage that this laptop can offer immersive and interactive experiences.

But it is by opening it that we discover a less common object.

zSpace is THE computer specialist ”  VR  “. The laptop version is based on the same principle as the all-in-one versions, namely a 3D-stereo screen, on-board tracking in the screen to follow the user’s movements (head and stylus), a pair of passive 3D-stereo glasses, as well as a stylus for interacting with the displayed content.

zSpace Laptop, vue d'ensemble


The infrared cameras for tracking are located in the upper corners of the screen, thus adding a growth in these places. By closing the Laptop, these growths fit into the lower part of the keyboard. Thus, once closed, it is impossible to distinguish it from another computer, as the adjustments are well made.

In this regard, it is necessary to note a very good effort of zSpace which marks again a material of good quality. The adjustments are precise, the materials seem solid, giving the whole seriousness and robustness.

zSpace Laptop, fermé, vue 3/4   zSpace Laptop, vue de gauche  zSpace Laptop, vue de droite  zSpace Laptop, vue de gauche ouvert

Mobility, the key asset

On the scale, the computer weighs nearly 4 kilos. Here again, we are getting closer to the world of workstations and gaming PCs. It is not therefore an ultra-portable, but to tell the truth, it is not what one asks of it.

On the other hand, this mobility is a major asset. No need to have dedicated training rooms. Easy to transport, deploy, install, training, whether for education or the professional environment, can take place wherever you are.

Obviously, compared to the big brothers AIO Pro and AIO, the display will be reduced  : 15.6 ” against 24 ”. However, with an equivalent number of pixels (1920×1080 for all models), the zSpace Laptop offers a much higher density than those of its big brothers and therefore better fineness and better image quality.

zSpace Laptop, en test


A laptop ”  VR  “Good for everything

On the performance side, the Laptop has an AMD APU A9-9420 CPU, a 256 GB and 8 GB SSD drive. It’s not what you can call a big setup, but as they say, it gets the job done. The integrated experiences are also very well thought out. One can for example become a specialist in automobile mechanics and study the engine, the chassis, the running gear… I am far from having revised everything, but it seems to me to have progressed well on this ground.  ????.

List of integrated applications:

And many more to download here: https://zspace.com/downloads

In addition, zSpace offers the possibility, through an SDK, of creating applications from other non-proprietary solutions, such as Unity or Unreal to name but a few.

Finally, running under Windows 10, this laptop “  VR  Is also a classic laptop, which makes it extremely versatile. The LCD panel is also very pleasant in both 2D and 3D.


Trainers and designers in the sights

Thus, the zSpace Laptop is therefore a very nice tool that is primarily aimed at the world of training, for young and old alike. Very intuitive, it allows you to understand, thanks to the 3D immersion and the interaction with the stylus, the mechanical, anatomical, physical problems … Its versatility also allows trainers to be able to use other more traditional supports, without having to as much to change devices. Finally, it is also aimed at designers who would very quickly like to see an object from all its angles. Obviously, considering the size of the screen, if the 1: 1 scale is important, it will be better suited to small objects.

zSpace Laptop, lunettes 3D



To conclude, zSpace draws yet another very good product, which should meet with success, in the tradition of its predecessors. Quality, versatility, mobility are the key assets of this Laptop. Without revolutionizing the original concept, it offers new perspectives and possibilities, at a more affordable price than the fixed versions.