VR Ready Laptop, PNY’s PrevailPro P4000 review.

The recent PrevailPro range offered by PNY complements the high-end and powerful professional laptop PC offerings, in particular the P4000 VR Ready available on the Corner Shop and which we have put in the hands of several of our technicians and experts.

The PrevailPro P4000 is a powerful machine with an NVIDIA Quadro P4000 graphics card (hence the name), a 15.6 inch 4K Ultra High Definition screen and an Intel Core i7 processor making it a VR Ready machine. that we wanted to try. Thought to be at the same time powerful, thin and light, it weighs 2.18kg. The weight felt is consistent with this announcement and quite standard for its level of range. It is easily envisioned as both a desktop PC and a Virtual Reality demo tool to take with either to clients, to trade shows or to share information with partners.

Our experts share this feeling and are moreover attracted by the design of the PrevailPro. Our software development manager finds it for example ”  worked, good looking and well made  “.


A powerful machine

On the effective power side of the laptop PC, Immersion’s experts put the machine in different conditions to test its capabilities. Software, including those requiring a lot of power, runs well, smoothly, and boasts 100 FPS. However, the machine heats up quickly and the GPU reaches 74 ° c from the first minutes of use (measured with SpeedFan v4.52 software), while part of the ventilation blows directly on the power cable. Although not disabling and does not alter the experience, it is an element to take into account. The good news is that it cools quickly, in 40 seconds the temperature drops to 56 ° C and drops back below 50 ° C a minute later.


A professional VR Ready

Virtual Reality side, submitted to the SteamVR performance test (below) then then tested with a Windows Mixed Reality headset , also tested by our teams , the observation is similar  : the machine works very well, a more relative rise in temperature (up to 70 ° C) is observed, but fluidity is there.

SteamVR and SpeedFan performance test (in progress):

SteamVR performance test (results):


Verdict of our experts  :

”  Tool tested and approved, the machine is convincing from a technical point of view and makes you want to. Note the classic difficulty with this powerful professional computer profile, heat management can be improved although it is quite functional and does not hamper work or performance at all. On the other hand, the positioning of the power supply surprised us a little because it implied a passage of the power cable in front of the hot air of one of the ventilation outlets.  “


One of our HoloLens developers immersed in a PrevailPro P4000 with a Windows Mixed Reality headset .


A little more expensive than the competition, it can be compared to the ZBook from HP, which has a larger screen but less quality (Full HD versus UHD for the Prevail Pro), and to the WT72 6QL from MSI which also has a larger screen. large but with a less interesting size / weight optimization (3.78kg).


Assets  :

  • Powerful and technically convincing machine
  • Thin, portable and light
  • 4K Ultra HD display
  • Flexible tool allowing multiple use cases
  • Clean and professional design
  • VR Ready
  • Next business day service (maintenance / assistance in the event of a breakdown the next day)


Things to consider:

  • A slightly higher price than the competition, justified by the superior characteristics of the machine
  • Power cable that can pass in front of the ventilation depending on the configuration
  • Rather large power supply
  • Heat spikes on the top left corner of the machine and sometimes a little noisy ventilation (difficult to avoid on powerful portable machines)


The range of PrevailPro Business Laptops is available on our e-commerce site, ‘ corner shop ‘by Immersion  as well as helmets Windows Mixed Reality used for the test.