Vive Tracker Connector, the little extra to enjoy HTC Vive Tracker even more

A short article to celebrate this new year and to do a little self-promotion  ????. The Vive Tracker Connector is not strictly speaking a product, but an accessory designed by Immersion and intended for another accessory which is enjoying great success: the HTC Vive Tracker .


“What is the HTC Vive Tracker?”

Reminder for those who do not know the Long live Tracker . It is a tracking module that can be hung on any type of object or part of the body of a living being in order to follow its movements in a virtual environment and to be able to view them in the HTC Vive. From there, all the craziest scenarios are imaginable. Whether in the field of gaming and or simulation for example.

Vive Tracker ConnectorBeyond giving the position of an object, the Vive Tracker can also send other information to the PC via bluetooth, such as a command from one or more buttons or any other electronic interface. However, these interfaces must be connected to the Vive Tracker with a wired connection through the Pogo contact connector (see photo) located on its base.


“But where is the problem?”

The problem  ? When the Vive Tracker is placed on an object or on the body of a person for example, the connectors are blocked and it becomes impossible to connect an interface.


“What is the Vive Tracker Connector for then?”

The Vive Tracker Connector makes it possible to remedy this drawback. The electronic card allows the connectors to be moved to the side of the Vive Tracker to make them accessible whatever the conditions, while allowing the attachment of the strap provided.


To better understand, discover it in pictures, by watching the short video below, produced by the Immersion Research team.


A simple and effective accessory therefore, which meets demanding users, wishing to take advantage of the full potential of the Vive Tracker.