Varjo VR-1, ultra realistic headset!

Since June 20, 2019, Immersion is officially the first reseller of the ultra realistic Varjo VR-1 headset for France.


Varjo VR-1


”  We spotted Varjo in September 2018 and contacted them to have a demonstration of their prototype. The promise of resolution was impressive  ! This is what convinced many of our industrial customers  : the ability to read text on interfaces.  In addition, it incorporates an eye-tracker whose performance makes it the best on the market in a virtual reality headset. Today, we are delighted to be the first reseller in France and to be able to add this headset to our product portfolio, because it meets a market demand in terms of visual quality requirement. We already have very interested prospects in the industry for design magazines in particular. »Marc Audonnet, VR Products Sales Manager at Immersion.



Feedback on our expert opinion on this product  !

Resolution equivalent to the human eye, what does it mean  ?

First of all, the Finnish manufacturer expresses its resolution in “  pixel by degree  »(Ppd). The VR-1 has the particularity of displaying two zones of different quality  : vision ”  Focus  “In the center and the vision”  Context  ” in peripheral. The mink ”  Focus  “Displays 60 pixels per degree while the vision”  Context Is at 14ppd. Namely that the vision in 60ppd corresponds to the maximum vision of perception by the human eye. For comparison, the HTC Vive Pro, for example, generally cited as a benchmark in the virtual reality headset market, displays 14 ppd over the entire visual field. Thus, just as the human eye works, in the VR-1 headset we see very clearly what we are looking at in the face, while the peripheral vision is less well defined.


Varjo VR-1


Specifications scrutinized by our experts

  • Resolution  : 60 ppd for central vision and 14 ppd for peripheral vision, well above its competitors with 14 ppd for the HTC Vive Pro and 24 ppd for the Pimax 8K.
  • FOV / Field of view  : a little less than 90 degrees, lower than the HP Reverb, Samsung Odyssey, HTC Vive Pro.
  • Eye-tracking  : precision below the degree, which makes it the best on the market integrated in a virtual reality headset.
  • Weight  : a little heavier (50g) than the HTC Vive Pro but better balanced.
  • Cable length  : 10 meters against 4 or 5 meters for most other helmets, which is an interesting advantage for deporting it for example.
  • External tracking  : the manufacturer recommends using Valve’s Lighthouse V1 or V2 (used with HTC and Pimax Headsets), but the VR-1 also works with other tracking solutions existing on the market, such as ART, Optitrack, etc.
  • Business software compatibility  : The VR-1 guarantees full compatibility with major 3D engines and software tools, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk VRED and Prepar3d. A big argument for manufacturers who already work with this software.
  • Price  : € 6,990 excl. Tax, including one year of maintenance, the most expensive on the market.
  • Maintenance and support: the ”  Customer Success License  », Included the first year, is then optional at the price of 995 € HT per additional year. With this maintenance, you get a software upgrade, a perpetual eye-tracking license as well as a free return and provision of a new helmet while yours is being repaired.



So convinced  ? The Varjo VR-1 is available on our cornershop at a price of € 6,990 excluding tax including one year of maintenance. To date, allow about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Varjo announced in May of an equally promising mixed reality headset, the XR-1  ! We’ll tell you more soon  ????