The decontamination boxes get into the ring!

The health crisis requires us to be vigilant with regard to materials made available for collective use. In the world of XR, the implementation of sanitary protocols for helmets and their accessories has become essential in the professional sphere or in recreational areas (LBE – Location Based Environment).

Several solutions are available to users. From the most basic: interchangeable protections and decontamination wipes. At the most industrial: UV-C decontamination box. It is to this last category that we wanted to focus in this article.

Presentation of the B-Safe Solo decontamination box at Laval Virtual 2021
Presentation of the B-Safe Solo decontamination box at Laval Virtual 2021

Decontamination box, an effective and proven solution

We are not equipped to evaluate the rate of disinfection, but on this point the manufacturers of the 3 products selected in this comparison indicate very similar rates in the order of 99.99%, even 99.999%. Rates validated by laboratories, which therefore ensure (almost) perfect decontamination of devices.

It is therefore not on this point that a real difference emerges and we can easily agree that the 3 products all play their role equally well to carry out the main task assigned to them.

Other advantages beyond hygiene are that UV-C rays act very quickly and do not pose any risk to electronic equipment. In short, for a professional use, these boxes have serious advantages. Let’s start the presentations!

3 competitors in the ring

Decontamination box Cleanbox CX1Cleanbox CX1, the pioneer

The first solution to arrive on the market, the CX1 quickly established itself as a leader and the reference in the field of decontamination boxes.

Simple, efficient and fast, the CX1 has no major flaws and does the job if you are only interested in decontaminating VR headsets and their accessories.

See the product sheet

B-Safe Solo decontamination box from Tailor AdviceB-Safe Solo, the clever French challenger

To counter the CX1, Tailor Advice released the B-Safe Solo over a year ago. To distinguish itself from its competitors, the French company has packed its decontamination device with clever features to make life easier for users.

In addition, Tailor Advice also offers many options for versatility.

See the product sheet

Decontamination box Uvisan VR12UVISAN VR12, a competitor from the other side of the Channel with a lot of power

The VR12 is the largest decontamination box in our comparison, but for a good reason. As its name suggests, it can accommodate up to 12 headsets simultaneously. Thanks to its wheels, it is a real mobile cart, which is a real advantage considering its size.

Very easy to use and well designed, it is THE reference for users wishing to process large volumes of headphones. Its versatility also allows it to support a wide range of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops…

See the product sheet



From simple to double. But the difference is relative. The CX1, the fastest, eliminates almost all bacteria in 1 minute, while its opponents in this comparison take 2 minutes.

Ranking : 1st Cleanbox CX1, 2nd ex-aequo B-Safe Solo and UVISAN VR12


With its options and accessories, the B-Safe Solo is without a doubt the most versatile of the 3 products. The VR12 doesn’t fall short in this regard, but its design makes it less effective for headphones, offering simple shelves, where the Solo offers dedicated stands. As for the CX1, we will simply say that it is a pure VR player. You can certainly place a smartphone or a tablet, but it is clearly not designed for that.

Ranking : 1st B-Safe Solo, 2nd UVISAN VR12, 3rd Cleanbox CX1

Accessories, features and options

On this point the Frenchman hits hard:

  • An LCD display to indicate remaining time and alerts (available in English and French)
  • An NFC reader to control the use of the equipment
  • USB and USB-C ports for charging the headset while in storage
  • Customizable side panels
  • Various supports: for headset or 3D glasses, separation shelf

The features are numerous and very practical in everyday life. Competitors in this area are more timid, although the VR12 maintains an edge over the CX1, with a lockable door, a programmer, USB chargers and its mobile side.

Ranking : 1st B-Safe Solo, 2nd UVISAN VR12, 3rd Cleanbox CX1


Model Height (cm) Width (cm) Deep (cm)
Cleanbox CX1 39,4 31,7 31,7
B-Safe Solo 50 30 45
UVISAN VR12 86 75 40

Rates (as of January 2022)

Model Price (€ ex-VAT)
Cleanbox CX1 2450
B-Safe Solo 2488
UVISAN VR12 3800

Our opinion on the decontamination boxes

As you can see in this comparison, each decontamination box has its advantages and disadvantages.

If speed is your main criterion, choose the CX1. But beyond this criterion, the market pioneer has been caught up and overtaken by its competitors.

If it is about volume, then the solution proposed by UVISAN should be your preference.

However, without being chauvinistic, the B-Safe Solo convinced us by its versatility and efficiency. Just as affordable as the CX1, B-Safe Solo stands out from its main competitor with its many practical features and will easily meet the needs of those who do not have to handle large volumes of headphones.


Like it or not, these solutions have become an indispensable accessory in the professional XR world. And even if we can only hope that the health crisis will soon end in 2022, these good practices will continue for collective use. In other words, this investment should not be seen as being imposed by the health crisis and for a limited period of time, but as a sustainable evolution in our hygiene practices for the XR.

More information on the manufacturers’ websites: