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Manus adapter for Vive tracker

100  ex. VAT

The Manus adapter allows you to integrate your Vive trackers into the Manus Prime 2 data glove

ART Tracker

250  ex. VAT

ART tracker from the Manus brand for your interaction and motion capture activities

Manus Prime 2 batteries

150  ex. VAT

Do not waste any more time thanks to the interchangeable batteries of the Manus Prime 2.

Washable textile Manus Prime 2 Haptic

350  ex. VAT

Find your pair of washable textile for the Manus Prime 2 Haptic data gloves.
Guarantees hygienic use of the product.

Washable textile Manus Prime 2

250  ex. VAT

Find your pair of washable textile for the Manus Prime 2 data gloves. Guarantee hygienic use of the product.

HTC Facial Tracker

115  ex. VAT

The HTC Facial Tracker is the solution that will allow you to bring your avatars to life by allowing them to transmit your facial movements.

This will allow you to transmit your emotions and your opinions more humanely with your avatar.


HTC Vive Tracker 3.0

115  ex. VAT

The new HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 has arrived lighter and more compact.

No more limits in your uses to track movements and bring real world objects into the virtual universe.

Data gloves, tangible objects, physical-virtual collocation no more limits!


HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition Headset

1 250  ex. VAT

This revolutionary HMD includes a state-of-the-art sensor system that measures muscle movement, gaze, pupil size and pulse, and seamlessly transfers data to the HP Omnicept platform. Plus, you get the cutting edge features of the HP Reverb G2, like ultra high resolution, 2 Valve-designed speakers and more.

VR suitcase VR4Uniiits

4 640  ex. VAT

VR4Uniiits is a multi-user mobile VR solution including:

  • a software to manage your VR contents and broadcast them easily
  • hardware integrated in a suitcase to offer mobile VR experiences

VR4Uniiits is ideal for quickly and easily organizing virtual reality training sessions, offering VR experiences at events or for your communication and presentation needs.

Ready to use, the VR VR4Uniiits case contains:

  • 1 Windows tablet supplied with its charger and equipped with centralized management software for immersive sessions
  • 4 Pico G2 4K or Meta Quest 2 (128GB and 256GB) VR headsets or Vive Focus 3
  • 4 controllers (Pico G2 4K) or 8 controllers (Meta Quest 2 and Vive Focus 3)
  • 1 Wi-Fi router
  • 1 USB hub
  • 1 power bank
  • 1 battery charger and 12 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 set of antibacterial wipes