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M-Asset Charging cabinet, UV-C decontamination and charging cabinet

3 750  ex. VAT

M-Asset Charging cabinet is a UV-C light decontamination cabinet as well as a storage and charging cabinet for your equipment:

  • Quickly disinfect your electronic/computer equipment (up to 18 VR/AR headsets)
  • 3 independent compartments for more flexibility
  • Each compartment has a charging unit (8 x 230V-16A sockets) for recharging the battery of your equipment
  • Security function thanks to the different key locks
  • Designed and manufactured in France

LBE license for HTC VIVE Focus 3

130  ex. VAT

Enhance the experience of arcade, free roaming or professional users who need a large space with the VIVE Focus 3 (6 DoF tracking) and the power of PC VR streaming:

  • Licensed per headset (1 license for 1 headset)
  • Create large spaces for arenas or training areas for a realistic experience
  • PC VR Streaming: Leverage the power of WiFi 6 with VIVE Focus 3
  • LBE mode: Support areas up to 1000 square meters
  • Unlocked features: Map sharing, Colocation, Hybrid LBE, Visual odometry mode

Tabibox MV, modular high capacity cabinet for VR/AR headsets

1 400  ex. VAT

High capacity modular charging, storage and security cabinet for your virtual reality, augmented reality or other devices :

  • Integration of up to 10 VR/AR headsets and accessories (such as controllers)
  • Centralized charging system inside for up to 10 devices
  • Fast charger (USB-A/USB-C), smart (to preserve the battery)
  • Visualisation of the charging status of each device via LEDs
  • Simplified cabinet security with code locks or pass key

VIVE Wrist Tracker for Focus 3

108  ex. VAT

This is the new wireless controller that attaches to the wrist (like a watch) to track the orientation and position of the hand up to the elbow. Ultra-practical for simulation and training experiences where body position is important:

  • Compatible with VIVE Focus 3 (simple Bluetooth pairing)
  • Wrist-worn device tracked by the headset’s Inside-out cameras
  • Advanced hand tracking and object tracking (6 DoF)
  • 85% lighter than the VIVE Focus 3 controller and 50% lighter
  • USB-C charging and 4 hours of battery life

Perception Neuron 3 Compression Suit

350  ex. VAT

La combinaison de mocap de compression Perception Neuron apporte confort et commodité dans une combinaison de mocap deux pièces durable, flexible, respirante et facile à laver. Avec la nouvelle combinaison de mocap Perception Neuron, vous ne perdez pas de temps à vous ajuster : enfilez simplement la chemise et le pantalon et commencez votre mocap.

Perception Neuron 3 Base Gloves (Pair)

60  ex. VAT

The Perception Neuron 3 gloves are sold in pairs and without the sensors.

B-Safe NOMAD, Clean box in flight case

2 795  ex. VAT

A box for cleaning VR/AR HMD with UV-C radiation in a practical flycase for your trips, trade shows and other events.

  • Decontaminate your RV/AR devices from viruses, bacteria and other germs
  • Large capacity: 2 headsets and 4 controllers for an effective treatment in 2 minutes
  • Transportable thanks to its “Flight case” type of packaging for excellent robustness
  • Complies with luggage standards (size & weight) which makes it transportable in the hold like a standard luggage
  • NOMAD range designed for mobile and corporate use

B-Safe VR06, Disinfection cabinet for VR/AR headsets

8 325  ex. VAT

Model VR06 of the B-Safe range to disinfect your equipment and virtual reality headsets in 2 minutes.

You can integrate up to 6 headsets with their controllers which will be decontaminated thanks to UV-C light, an efficient, proven and controlled technology.

  • 6 locations with independent disinfection cycle
  • Safety and hygiene by disinfecting 99.99% of bacteria, viruses…
  • 360° efficiency thanks to the interior coating of mirrors to reflect ultraviolet light and optimize cleaning in all corners
  • And many other practical features: Security, Locking, sound signal …

B-Safe VR04, disinfection cabinet for VR headsets

5 825 6 325  ex. VAT

The UV-C disinfection cabinet made in France B-Safe VR04, allows you to manage each box individually with independent autonomous cycle.

You can integrate up to 4 headsets and controllers simultaneously which will be disinfected thanks to the UV-C neon lights and the 360° efficiency of the interior mirrors.

  • 4 slots with independent disinfection cycle
  • 99,99% disinfection of microbes/bacteria/viruses for a perfect hygiene
  • Automatic start of the disinfection cycle when the door is closed
  • Numerous functions: Ambient lighting, security, locking…