HTC VIVE Pro Eye + Advantage Enterprise Pack

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The VIVE Pro Eye is a VR system designed to meet the needs of the most discerning business customers. Improve your VR simulations, receive better information, and get better treatment with precision eye tracking, the technology that lets you see what your users are seeing and act on it.

Vive Pro Eye: The most advanced headset in the HTC family
Generally seen as one of the products with the latest eye tracking technology, the Vive Pro Eye consists of a VR system with precision eye tracking. It lets you see what your users are seeing and act on it.
HTC Vive pro eye virtual reality headset


Combined resolution of 2880 x 1600

With the Vive Pro Eye, deliver stunning graphics, text and textures in simulations. Let users dive into the details with the dual OLED display, a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels and 615 PPI.


Simplified controls and navigation
HTC Vive Pro Eye Demonstration
Point, select and zoom faster and easier than ever. Allow more natural movements in virtual reality.



Hi-Res® and Surround sound

Improve the quality of virtual experiences with headphones that mimic real-world volumes, tones, and reverbs. Create the immersion needed for simulations to have a lasting impact.


Designed to be comfortable and balanced
By design, the helmet can be put on and taken off easily, adjusted quickly and used for long periods of time. Go to almost every head trick. Adjustable optical elements to minimize eye strain. Suitable for almost all types of vision, including glasses. VIVE-Pro-Eye_HMD_ergonomics


Create expansive models for multiple users

Design unobstructed experiences in large spaces with unparalleled tracking accuracy with SteamVR ™ 2.0. Scale your tracking volumes between sitting and standing up to 10m x 10m at the scale of a room for multiple users.


Improve your understanding and receive enriched feedback
htc vive pro eye vision demonstration
See what users are seeing. Understand how users naturally interact with your product. Gain useful insight into users’ intentions and their decision-making processes.




Finally a helmet with unbeatable value for money!

In the past, you had to count on a budget of more than 10,000 euros to buy a helmet with an eye-tracker natively in a helmet. Today HTC is democratizing this functionality and allows the developer to work on new uses in virtual reality thanks to this.


Foveal rendering
Optimize graphic fidelity in the user’s line of vision. Reduce the rendering load on graphics cards. Improve the quality and performance of visualization.
Htc vive pro eye field of view


Deeper virtual collaboration
Htc vive pro eye collaboration
The avatars reproduce the movements and blinks of the eyes of the users. Show expressive non-verbal interactions in your lectures, in your chat groups, and in your remote collaborations in extended reality.


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