Pico Neo 2 Eye Headset

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Pico brand headsets are stand-alone Virtual Reality headsets.

The Pico Neo 2 Eye, the most efficient and comfortable of the range, is an easy-to-deploy product integrating Tobii’s eye tracking solution and offering a better understanding of user behavior, improved learning and increased productivity. :

  • Tobii Spotlight Technology: integrated eye tracking
  • Collect data and improve customer understanding
  • Foveal rendering
  • 4K resolution

Pico Neo 2 Eye: The next level of virtual freedom.

Introducing the Pico Neo 2 Eye VR headset. With best-in-class 4K resolution, comfort, business features, 6 degrees of freedom, and spatial stereo speakers, the Neo 2 Eye is designed for professionals.

Pico Neo 2 Eye: Comfortable, stretchy and user-friendly.

The Neo 2 Eye offers an interesting architecture that will guarantee optimal comfort for long-term use. The weight of the helmet is perfectly balanced thanks to the large amount of foam supporting the back of the skull. There is enough interior space to be used when wearing prescription glasses without changing the front foam. In order to achieve more comfort and maneuverability, the battery is placed at the back to balance the weight of the helmet.

A multi-platform distribution

Using the powerful Qualcomm 845 Snapdragon processor with Boundless XR, the Neo 2 Eye allows you to stream content from your VR Ready PC and existing PC VR platforms over a 2X2 MIMO 802.11ac 5G wireless link with a router Common 5G MIMO.

Pico Neo 2 Eye integrated eye tracking

The Neo 2 Eye with integrated eye tracking will allow your business to better understand customer behavior, reduce training time, and increase safety and productivity through its data collection system.

Powered by Tobii Spotlight technology, the enhanced dynamic rendering of the NEO 2 Eye increases FPS by up to 66% and reduces shading load by up to 72%, resulting in better graphics and increased performance.

Package contents:

  • (1) Casque Neo 2 Eye
  • (2) Controllers
  • (2) AC adapter
  • (1) USB-C 2.0 cable
  • (1) 2 in 1 USB-C cable (charging)
  • (2) Straps
  • (1) User guide
  • (1) Microfiber

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Degree of liberty


3840 X 2160





Peripheral devices

2 x 6DOF Controller