LBE license for HTC VIVE Focus 3

130  ex. VAT

Enhance the experience of arcade, free roaming or professional users who need a large space with the VIVE Focus 3 (6 DoF tracking) and the power of PC VR streaming:

  • Licensed per headset (1 license for 1 headset)
  • Create large spaces for arenas or training areas for a realistic experience
  • PC VR Streaming: Leverage the power of WiFi 6 with VIVE Focus 3
  • LBE mode: Support areas up to 1000 square meters
  • Unlocked features: Map sharing, Colocation, Hybrid LBE, Visual odometry mode

Enhancing the LBE experience with VIVE Focus 3

One of the most common problems in the location-based entertainment industry is implementing large-scale indoor-to-outdoor tracking, i.e. tracking users in VR in a large space.

Most headsets on the market today can support a 10m x 10m tracking area with a base station and third party solutions can be expensive and difficult to implement.

VIVE Focus 3’s new LBE mode can support areas of up to 1,000 square meters, a playing area of about four tennis courts, and VIVE Focus 3 can enable this free-roaming experience in this larger space.

All this while maintaining 6DOF tracking with sub-millimetre accuracy, so with the VIVE Focus 3, we’ve dramatically improved the scaling in the tracked space.

Map sharing

But what about scaling the number of users?

Previously, to have a three-player VR experience, you had to set up the room on at least three headsets, each requiring its own room-scale setup process.

VIVE Focus 3’s all-new map sharing capabilities allow you to share one headset’s room setup map with multiple other headsets (replicating the map data). This means that you can perform a room setup for multiple headsets in your deployment using a single headset. This saves significant time and labour and simplifies deployments, so you can create and scale custom experiences quickly and easily.

ArUco Codes

It’s now easier to unify the physical design of your real-world arena with the virtual environment design of your content (easy visual tracking replication).

You can do this easily with VIVE Focus 3 using the all-new ArUco codes. The ArUco code in VIVE Focus 3 is a type of visual tracker that can provide real-world positioning information to the headset in real time.

You can align virtual scenes and assets with real-world physical environments to create a more immersive experience.

ArUco codes can also be used to provide additional waypoints in the room-scale tracked environment. This can improve player safety by potentially minimising the risk of VR position drift, reducing the chances of your players running into obstructions during gameplay.

Visual odometry mode

For companies that need to massively increase user turnaround or rapidly deploy to different environments, such as for certain training scenarios or VR exhibits, the VIVE Focus 3 now features a visual odometry mode.

It allows the headset to bypass the need to configure the environment, so users simply put on the headset and immediately experience 6DoF tracking. This is a much better solution than doing something like overriding the environment settings.

6DoF tracking is even faster because no map is stored in the headset. The absence of a map does not mean that there are no virtual boundaries.

In visual odometry mode, you can still set boundaries in the VIVE reality system settings.

Hybrid LBE mode

The induction process for the LBE is extremely important. This preparation usually takes place in a dedicated area called the “dressing area” or “dressing room”. In hybrid LBE mode, the helmet will be in visual odometry mode in the preparation area so that the players can orient themselves with the helmet and everything is set up correctly. And when the helmet moves into the designated play area, the FOCUS 3 helmet will switch to LBE mode with the previously configured large-scale map.

WiFi 6E Certified

Operating on the 6GHz frequency, it provides low latency and high bandwidth, all with less interference from other devices. You can also double the number of devices with their own dedicated channels in a VR stream.