Unity PRO license

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The essential tool for your development teams to be able to create all the 3D VR AR XR applications you want.
Unity already has this proof in many sectors such as automotive, research, aeronautics, architecture and robotics.

Unity Pro


Automotive, transportation and manufacturing

Unity’s real-time 3D development platform and solutions for industries can help your teams streamline workflows, improve productivity, and create world-class experiences.

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Architecture, engineering and construction
Leverage BIM data to create immersive experiences that reduce costs, save time, and streamline workflows.
Film, animation and cutscenes
Real-time filmmaking is taking the industry by storm, unleashing unprecedented artistic freedom and productivity.
Research and development VR AR XR and HMI
For several years, the Unity 3D platform has been connectable with most tools and peripherals using 3D as a language, so it is the platform that is the most used to visually render research results.
Plugins are available to gain efficiency in your development, think about it:
MiddleVR license for Unity for CAVE
PiXYZ Plugin for Unity license
Interact license
Unity Reflect License
PRESpective license

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12 month subscription, nodelock