Interact Creator License

6 500 62 500  ex. VAT

Interact Creator is the perfect tool to complete the Unity 3D engine and thus model 3D scenarios of your businesses. It does not require advanced programming knowledge and is very easy to use:

  1. Import
  2. Physicalize
  3. Script
  4. Deploy and Collaborate
Nothing can stop you!

Build and live immersive experiences in no time with Interact from Light and Shadows

INTERACT is based on Unity * and is known to be a platform for building advanced mixed reality applications directly from your CAD models. Its high-precision physics engine provides complex simulations, including flexible and rigid body collision detection on CAD / Point Clouds, ergonomics analysis, large point cloud visualization, on any VR / VR setup. RA.

* Requires a Unity license to be used (not included in the price).

Based on 4 steps:

  1. Import: 3D CAD and SCAN
  2. Physicalize: Rigid bodies, Cables, Collisions, Trajectories, Haptics
  3. Script: Engineering, Training, Process design, Safety analysis, Ergonomics
  4. Deploy and Collaborate: VR headsets, AR systems, CELLAR, Powerwall, Desktop computer.

Example of an Interact project in Video:

Several types of licenses exist:
    • Interactor Creator in nodelock and floating versions. (for creating scenarios and importing objects)
    • Interact Viewer (for a viewing license during your internal deployment)
    • Interact CAVE (for visualization in an Immersive Multi Plan, Multi PC, Multi GPU system)



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