ImmersaVu Display unit

13 800 19 600  ex. VAT

• Field of view: 75 ° x 180 °
• Weight: 40Kg
• Easy assembly
• I / O Connections: HDMI, VGA S-Video, RJ45, Audio mini jack, RS-232


Projector screen ImmersaVu Display unit by Immersive Display

ImmersaVu Display Unit is a composite projector dome screen offering high strength for a lightweight construction integrating all display hardware into one unit. The large 200cm screen gives a 180 ° field of view and offers a stunning and truly immersive viewing experience for up to two users. In addition, the built-in shield allows use in a wide range of ambient light conditions. The projector screen is available as a standard or a professional version.


Characteristics ImmersaVu Standard

Features ImmersaVu Pro

Resolution 1920 x 1080 3840 x 2160
Brightness 2200 lumens 1200 lumens
Lamp life 300 hours 4000 hours
Display type DLP D-ILA
Consumption 350 watts 360 watts



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