Protective mask 10 mm HTC VIVE PRO VR COVER

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  • Soft Durable VR Foam Replacement Cover Virtual Reality Hygiene Specialists
  • Replace your original Vive Pro face foam padding with a comfortable, cleanable alternative
  • Prevent bacteria and dirt build-up with these easy-to-clean pads
  • The foam conforms to your face and provides a pleasant feeling on the skin
  • Proven RV hygiene solution used by thousands of RV enthusiasts since 2014
  • 2 x foam replacements included

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Optimal protection for your HTC VIVE PRO or HTC VIVE PRO EYE VR headset users

HTC Vive Pro 10mm replacement foam brings you closer to the action by placing your eyes closer to the lenses than the original foam. Each foam replacement has super soft inner core foam and PU leather outer material that feels great on the skin and can be wiped off easily between uses. Perfect for die-hard gamers who appreciate any slight increase in FOV, and for arcades and exhibitions where hygiene is a priority.


The HTC Vive Pro 10mm foam replacement kit contains:

2 x foam replacements