HTC Facial Tracker

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The HTC Facial Tracker is the solution that will allow you to bring your avatars to life by allowing them to transmit your facial movements.

This will allow you to transmit your emotions and your opinions more humanely with your avatar.


Available on backorder

Available from April.

Express more than just words in VR.

The leader in VR face trackers.

Capture facial expressions and mouth movements with precision. Read the intentions and emotions of your interlocutor in real time. The movements of the lips accompany the voice, thanks to an almost zero latency. Bring a new dimension to human interactions through educational, medical and creative applications. Discover the potential of this game-changing VR tracker.

It tracks up to 38 facial movements

A scowl. A sneer. A smile. VIVE Facial Tracker captures expressions and gestures with precision on the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks and chin, thanks to 38 mixtures of cheese. Pair it with VIVE Pro Eye for a full face tracking experience.

Latency close to zero

With a response time of less than 10 milliseconds, the movements of the lips accompany the sound of the voice

Dual cameras

Accurately capture lower facial movements from all angles

IR illumination

Infrared illumination helps you maintain reliable and precise tracking, even in low light conditions.

Support for Unity and Unreal engines

Freedom to create. Our SRAnipal SDK for VIVE Facial Tracker supports Unity and Unreal engines


Pair it with VIVE Pro Eye for a full face tracking experience. Compatible with other models of the VIVE Pro series.

Optimized runtime

Explore the full potential of this new frontier of VR with an optimized runtime for eye and face tracking

USB-C connector

The Facial Tracker integrates perfectly with your current kit. No need for add-ons or adapters.

High tracking FOV

Don’t miss a single gesture. Wide-angle tracking allows you to have a complete picture

Tracking frequency at 60 Hz

Read facial expressions in real time with high-fidelity tracking for lifelike interactions


Take the VR experience of the HTC Vive !

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9.4 × 5 cm