Edge VR 3D Stereo Glasses

233  ex. VAT

  • Head movement tracking “Head-tracking”
  • 3-position programming
  • Compatible projectors: All
  • Compatible IR emitters: almost all 3D IR emitters
  • Compatible RF transmitters: ActivHub RF50 and RF100
  • Optical transmission: 38%
  • Stereoscopic contrast:> 940: 1
  • Field of view: (H, V) 170 ° – 115 °
  • Liquid crystal type: STN
  • Lens size: 55X31mm
  • Power supply: Li-Ion 80mAh or 5V USB
  • Autonomy: 40H (auto OFF)
  • Radio-frequency: 2.4 Ghz
  • Infrared: 850 and 940 nm

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Volfoni’s Edge VR 3D glasses

Edge VR are active 3D glasses using radio frequency (RF) technology but also infrared (IR) optics. In addition, these glasses use liquid crystal with ultra-fast refresh rate. Edge VR glasses can be synchronized by RF signal, with the transmitter ActivHub RF50 , or by infrared signal.



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