Trackpack / e

• Max. Distance. tracking: 3m
• Camera frequency max. : 120 Hz
• Camera resolution max. : 1.1 MP
• Built-in infrared flash (NIR, 850 nm)
• Modulated flash for active marker synchronization
• Standard focal length: f = 3.5 mm

ART Trackpack / e tracking camera

The Trackpack / e camera is a good solution for motion capture in a medium sized area. This model is one of the new generations of PoE version cameras from the manufacturer ART allowing flexibility of the installations. Indeed, a single cable is enough to connect each camera to the controller.

The camera is compatible with Arttack 5 and Arttrack 5 / C . In addition, it is possible to add up to 8 cameras on an ART controller. The Trackpack / e uses infrared optics technology with active and passive markers.



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