Polhemus Patriot Wireless

5 850  ex. VAT

• Wireless: Move freely and without tether in your environment, without optical obscuration problem.

• Scalable: Two channels available on the basic product. Possible improvement from one to four markers.

• Integrated devices for multiple applications or users.

• Simple and intuitive user interface. The standard graphical interface and SDK make adjusting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, or coordinating rotations easy tasks.

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Polhemus Patriot Wireless Tracking System

The Patriot Wireless by Polhemus is a wireless magnetic system offering 6 Degrees of Freedom. Then, it allows tracking for 4 objects simultaneously, usable for the head, hand, object tracking and biomechanical analyzes. Unlike basic magnetic systems, the magnetic field is generated by the tracked object using a battery. As a result, it is positioned according to 1 or 2 receivers, themselves connected to the control unit. In addition, with 50 Hz sampling per sensor, the tracker provides a modular system allowing to have an enlarged surface with a complementary receiver.



Support for the tracking tool


Degree of liberty

Force feed back



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