Polhemus Liberty

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• Refresh Rate: The fastest and most accurate multi-functional electromagnetic motion tracking available.

• Distortion Detection: This feature alerts the user when changes in the environment are needed to ensure the best results.

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Polhemus Liberty tracking system

The Liberty by Polhemus is a magnetic system offering 6 Degrees of Freedom. In addition, it can track with 16 sensors simultaneously at a frequency of 240 Hz each! With its 240 Hz sampling rate, the tracker continues to impress. It can provide full 6DOF data with virtually no latency (less than 4ms).

Then, to meet the most complex uses, the system is equipped with distortion detection, a high quality data assurance standard. Finally, the system comes standard with four sensor channels and optional upgrade to 8, 12 or 16. You can also add a Polhemus stylus to do 3D pointing or element positioning.



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