Polhemus Liberty Latus

12 845  ex. VAT

• Wireless: wireless tracking means allowing total freedom of movement for the user

• Large tracking surface: possibility of coverage up to several hundred m2 because each system can be extended up to 16 receivers, which increases the tracking area.

• Scalable: four receiver channels are available on the standard system; upgrade to 8, 12, or 16 receiver channels within the same chassis by simply adding the necessary cards.

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Polhemus Liberty Latus tracking system

Like his little brother Patriot Wireless , the Liberty Latus is a wireless magnetic system offering 6 Degrees of Freedom. In addition, it has the particularity of covering a tracking surface of several hundred m2! But also, he is able to follow up to 12 independent markers. The person or object being tracked does not require wired connections. As a result, this allows you to maintain complete freedom of movement. It is therefore the ideal solution for motion capture applications requiring coverage over a large area. There is also a wired version.



Support for the tracking tool


Degree of liberty

Force feed back



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