Polhemus Fastrak System

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• Real-time data: With virtually no latency, FasTrak delivers real-time data at a speed of 120 Hz. Get reliable, repeatable results with virtually no lag time.

• Up to four sensors: FasTrak allows the use of one to four receivers (tracked objects), making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

• Requiring no user calibration, the system is easy to configure, intuitive, and takes only a few minutes to get up and running.

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Polhemus Fastrak tracking system

The Fastrak is a system, designed by Polhemus, offering 6 Degrees of Freedom and tracking with virtually no latency. It can be used for the head, the hand, object tracking, biomechanical analyzes, etc.

This award-winning tracker is known to deliver reliable and accurate 6 DOF data in real time. The system has an operational range of approximately 1.5m with a standard transmitter. In addition, with the “Long Ranger” transmitter option, the field of range then increases up to 3m (diameter) of field of action. Thanks to its proprietary AC electromagnetic technology, Fastrak provides position and orientation data without the need for additional calculations.

Unlike the optical tracking based system, there are no visual obstruction issues, and continuous tracking can be achieved simply. The Fastrak are used in research studies or in the most prestigious universities in the world, they equip flight simulators as well as in many other varied applications.

Finally, adding the ergonomic stylus turns the Fastrak into a free-form digitizer. This makes capturing 3D data as easy as pushing a button. Thus, this ensures extreme precision on an unlimited number of data points.



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