Perception Neuron Studio Suit

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The Perception Neuron Studio inertial system delivers the industry’s first true motion capture. Inertial motion capture solution including:

  • Charging and calibration box
  • 17 Neuron STUDIO Wireless Sensors with Whole Body Straps Kit
  • 1 proprietary USB RF receiver to communicate with the sensors.
  • An Anti-magnetic transport box

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Perception Neuron Studio Suit

The Perception Neuron Studio suit delivers the industry’s first true motion capture.

This mocap system is composed of inertial sensors, once worn on the user, you will be able to select from a menu of hardware and software modules to meet the most advanced applications, from live production and biomechanical analysis to virtual production and advanced VR simulation.

It is already possible to add motion capture of the hands thanks to this optional product:

  • Gloves Perception Neuron Studio

And soon :

Hybrid Trackers Perception Neuron Studio (2020 Q4) allowing to combine optical tracking information for example and that of Neuron Perception STUDIO

tracking motion capture sensor
Camera symbol Perception Neuron Studio (2020 Q4) optical tracking cameras directly integrated into the Axis Neuron Studio software suite

Perception Neuron® Studio is designed to adapt to meet your current and future motion capture needs

Designed to be portable, the system comes with an anti-mag hard case to store the motion capture suit and its accessories. The Perception Neuron STUDIOI “battery box” not only stores sensors, but calibrates them when placed inside. The box also functions as a charging station where the sensors can be recharged in one go.


  • (17) Perception Neuron Studio body sensors
  • (1) Perception Neuron Studio replacement sensor
  • (1) Hub and antenna
  • (1) USB Hub Cable
  • (1) AC adapter
  • (1) Extension cord
  • (1) Storage box (also for storage and calibration of sensors)
  • (1) Complete strap set
  • (1) Anti-MAG case


  • Gloves Perception Neuron Studio
  • Perception Neuron Studio hybrid trackers (2020 Q4)
  • Perception Neuron Studio optical tracking cameras (2020 Q4)



SDK: C/C++ API and plugin for Unity3D® and Unreal®.
Software: AXIS Neuron Universal
Data Format: .bvh and raw sensor data Also export to .fbx for MotionBuilder®, Maya®, Blender®, etc
Real-time: Yes
Number of Simultaneous Users: 5 full body only or 3 with fingers
Magnetic Resistance: Full magnetic immunity for short periods of time
Accessories: Full body strap, Hub w/ Antenna, PN STUDIO Gloves, PN STUDIO Hybrid Trackers, PN STUDIO Cameras, etc.
Operating Temperature Range: 0°C – 50°C



Sensor Size: 43mm x 33mm x 20mm*
Sensor Weight: 15.8 g
Dynamic Range: 360 deg
Accelerometer range: ±32 g
Gyroscope range: ±2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Transmitter / Receiver Frequency: 2401-2480 MHz
RF-Output Power: -1.71 dBm
Power: Battery
Calibration method: Calibrate 17 sensors at one time.
Battery Life ≤4.5 hours with LED on / ≤5.5 hours with LED off
Battery Charge time: ≤2 hours
LED color: RGB w/option to turn off
Max. connected sensors: 17 full body or 29 with fingers (add on)
Output rate: 90/100/120/240 Hz
Latency: < 20 ms
Wireless range: Scaleable up to 100 meters
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