HTC Vive Tracker

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Go further in the virtual reality experience with the Vive Tracker!

Also available in the HTC Vive setup .

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Transcend your controllers with HTC Vive Tracker

HTC’s Vive Tracker tracking system

The Vive Tracker sensor allows you to transpose any object into a virtual reality universe, wirelessly! Connect it to a tennis racket, a baseball bat, a pair of gloves … The matches are endless! You can even link the tracking system to your DSLR camera to design your own mixed reality videos.

Track anything you want with ease

VIVE Tracker can create a wireless connection between your linked devices and the VIVE system. You can also connect a DSLR camera to shoot mixed reality videos and prolong the fun.

Let your imagination guide you

With the new VIVE Tracker, you are now free to develop VR games and experiences that were previously impossible. Using a compact, malleable and easy to connect tracker, you can design a pair of gloves to play musical instruments, climbing rackets or table tennis for a more comfortable experience.

Go further by connecting your DSLR camera to VR

Use your personal device to design your own mixed reality video! Simply connect your DSLR camera to the tracker and you are at the center of your virtual world. All of your friends can watch and participate in the action too. You also have the option to record your sessions to improve your gaming performance.

Take the VR experience of the HTC Vive !