Arttrack 5 / C

  • Sensor resolution: 1.3 MPix
  • Lens: 4mm
  • Max vertical FOV: 71 °
  • Max horizontal FOV: 89 °
  • Technical certifications: FCC, NRTL, EN55022, EN55024, EN60950
  • Up to 100m of cable possible
  • 6 DOF

ART Tracking Camera Arttrack 5 / C

The Arttrack 5 / C camera has been specially designed for multi-sided projection systems.
The head of the compact camera (36.5 mm in diameter) is deported from its electronics via a flexible cable. This therefore allows efficient motion capture with a very small footprint. Finally, the Arttrack 5 / C camera uses active and passive infrared optical technology.


Degree of liberty

Force feed back



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