3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

420  ex. VAT

• 3Dconnexion sensor offering 6 degrees of freedom
• Workflow assistant on color LCD screen
• Dual-function QuickView navigation keys
• Navigation parameters keys (speed, rotation, pan / zoom, dominant axis)
• Intelligent dual-function keys (access to 10 commands)
• Keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc)
• Total of 31 programmable keys
• Advanced full-size wrist rest
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 231mm x 150mm x 58mm
• Weight: 880g
• Package contents: SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse, CD-ROM
• Compatible operating systems: Microsoft Windows; OS X; Linux

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The 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

The SpacePilot Pro interaction device enables design engineers to excel in today’s most demanding 3D software environments.



A superior 3D navigation experience

The patented 6-degree-of-freedom sensor of the SpacePilot Pro mouse is specially designed to manipulate digital models or camera positions. Simply push, pull, tilt or rotate the 3Dconnexion controller dial to intuitively pan, zoom and rotate. At the same time, you use the traditional mouse with the other hand to select, create and edit.



Quickview keys

Dual-function QuickView keys extend the capabilities of the controller’s thumbwheel by providing one-touch access to a variety of useful views. They make it easy to view models from any angle and make it easy to spot errors, review and present the design.
– Three buttons to select each side of the model
– Access key to isometric views
– 90 ° Rotation key



Smart function keys

SpacePilot Pro automatically recognizes the active application and environment and assigns 10 suitable application commands to its intelligent dual-function function keys.
Since there is no need to use the traditional mouse or keyboard to select commands, the workflow for users is greatly simplified.



The navigation parameters keys

Customize the operation of the controller thumbwheel by limiting navigation to a single axis.
– The dominant mode filters all movements except for data coming from the most actuated axis.
– Pan and zoom mode disables translational movement along the three primary axes so that the model can only rotate.
– Rotate mode allows you to focus on pan and zoom navigation only. This is ideal for certain working modes such as sketching or for quick inspection of standard views of the model.



Keyboard Modifiers

The Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Esc keys allow you to navigate in the 3D model while having access to the editing functions or other special functions of the applications.

These keys significantly reduce back and forth between the SpacePilot Pro and the keyboard, ensuring optimal workflow.



Workflow assistant on LCD screen

The color LCD display clearly shows important information about function keys, navigation settings and workflow applets, allowing them to be viewed without interrupting current tasks.



SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse support


Degree of liberty

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