Virtuoso 3D Desktop

• Work space (translation): 250 mm
• Work space (rotation): 145 ° – 115 ° – 148 °
• Peak force: 10 N
• Continuous force: 3 N
• Total stiffness: 2000 N / m
• Self-weight compensation: Yes, by springs
• Tool changer: Yes, by standard connector

Haption’s Virtuoso 3D Desktop haptic arm

The Virtuoso 3D Desktop is a 3D haptic interface suitable for manipulations around the movement of the wrist and forearm. In addition, its small dimensions allow it to be used on individual desks. It provides 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) with force feedback, and 3 DOF with position feedback. Therefore, the Virtuoso 3D Desktop is a 6-degree-of-freedom device.



Virtuose 3D Desktop force feedback arm support


Degree of liberty

Force feed back


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