Geomagic Touch

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• Work space: 160 W x 120 H x 70 D mm
• Amplitude: swivel movement at wrist level
• Nominal position resolution:> 450 dpi. ~ 0.055 mm
• Backdrive friction:< 1 oz (0.26 N)
• Maximum exercisable force at nominal position (orthogonal arms): 0.75 lbf (3.3 N)
• Stamina can be exercised continuously (24 hours):> 0.2 lbf (0.88 N)
• Axis stiffness: X :> 7.3 lbs. / in. (1.26 N / mm.); Y :> 13.4 lbs. / in. (2.31 N / mm.); Z> 5.9 lbs. / in. (1.02 N / mm.)
• Inertia (apparent mass at the tip): 0.101 lbm (45 g)
• Force feedback: x, y, z
• Position detection / position capture: x, y, z (digital encoders)
• Gimbal pen: pitch, roll, yaw (linearity potentiometers ± 5%)
• Interface: IEEE-1394 FireWire® port: 6 pin to 6 pin
• Supported platforms: PC AMD or Intel
• OpenHaptics SDK compatibility: Yes
• Applications: selected types of haptic research, FreeForm® ModelingTM system, ClayToolsTM system

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The Geomagic Touch haptic arm

The Geomagic Touch is the ideal tool for the first learning around the haptic domain. Thus, it is a benchmark in the educational field. The device uses force feedback technology.

The haptic arm (formerly Sensable Phantom Omni) is the most widely deployed professional haptic device in the industry. Indeed, it is used in research, 3D modeling, OEM applications and more. It allows users to freely sculpt 3D clay, enhance scientific or medical simulations, increase the productivity of interactive training, and easily maneuver mechanical components to produce higher quality designs.



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