Geomagic Touch X

11 400  ex. VAT

• Work space: 160 W x 120 H x 120 D mm
• Amplitude: swivel movement at wrist level
• Nominal position resolution: 1100 dpi. ~ 0.023 mm
• Friction: 0.06 N
• Maximum nominal force in position (orthogonal arms): 7.9 N
• Continuous force (24 hours): 1.75 N
• Axis stiffness: X : 1.86 N / mm; Y : 2.35 N / mm; Z : 1.48 N / mm
• Inertia (apparent mass at the tip): 0.101 lbm. (45 g)
• Force feedback: x, y, z
• Position detection / position capture: x, y, z (digital encoders)
• Gimbal pen: pitch, roll, yaw (± 3% linearity potentiometers)
• Interface: IEEE-802.3 Ethernet port (and FireWire option)
• Supported platforms: PC AMD or Intel
• OpenHaptics SDK compatibility: Yes
• Applications: Selected types of haptic research, Modeling

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The Geomagic Touch X haptic arm

The Geomagic Touch X is a haptic device that provides an affordable and easy-to-use desktop solution. It is ideal for people who perform certain types of haptic research. Indeed, it provides very precise positioning data.

The award-winning Touch X (formerly Sensable Phantom desktop) pushes haptic capabilities to the next level. Thus, it provides more precise positioning and high fidelity force feedback. It is therefore ideal for 3D modeling and design, surgical training, virtual assembly and other procedures that require a high degree of precision.



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