Perception neuron 3 Data Gloves

600  HT

The Perception Neuron 3 data gloves are sold as an addition to the motion capture suit.

Gloves perception Neuron 3


Perception Neuron gloves are sold in pairs with 6 sensors. 3 sensors for each hand. With specific locations on the thumb, index and middle fingers. Using their IK solver, users will see all 5 fingers moving, even with only 3 sensors. Their revolutionary design offers the most robust solution to date.

Material included in the neuron perception 3 glove kit

  • PN3 Base Glove (1 pair)
  • PN3 Finger Sensors (6)
  • PN3 Charging Dock (1)
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (1)

To find out more, visit the Noitom website to read their start-up guide.