OptiTrack Gloves Standard by Manus

4 990  ex. VAT

The OptiTrack Gloves Standard can be used for motion capture in the creation of animations and multimedia projects, as well as an active control system for games and even as gesture capture in assistive control systems.

Distribute digital data directly into Motive 3.0

Add Manus finger data directly into Motive 3.0 Optitrack Gloves Standard.

Strengthen your motion capture data with minimal impact on your existing pipeline. Highly accurate and detailed finger data flow in Motive 3.0 effortlessly. The finger data provided by the Manus OptiTrack Gloves Standard is combined with the OptiTrack body data in Motive 3.0.

Quick and easy calibration of the OptiTrack Gloves Standard

Start in less than a minute. With just three simple gestures, the calibration is precisely tailored to your hands.
The calibration profile is then stored on the glove, allowing it to be used over multiple sessions.

Staying loaded

No need to interrupt your workflow to charge with the new replaceable batteries and Manus charging station. The calibration profile is then stored on the glove, allowing it to be used over multiple sessions.

Prime X Marker Mocap charger
Two fabrics of OptiTrack Standard Gloves

OptiTrack Gloves Standard has washable gloves

The electronics module can be quickly removed from the textile glove, allowing for the glove to be washed or replaced.

Several sizes

Additional textile gloves are available and the electronic module fits both sizes. Prime X gloves are available in sizes S/M and M/L

Édition Plus

Use OptiTrack Gloves Standard as a stand-alone solution outside of Motive 3.0 with the Plus Edition. This package comes with a timecode cable and all Manus plugins, including Motionbuilder, Unity and Unreal Engine plugins.

licence Optitrack gloves Edition plus
Manus Core License and Support

Licensing & Support

OptiTrack gloves come with a perpetual Manus Core license, a 12-month warranty, and lifetime product support and upgrades.

To learn more about how to use your product, visit the Manus website.