Manus VR Prime II ART Gloves

This version of Manus VR’s Prime II Data Gloves has been adapted to work with farbicant ART positioning solutions. Thus end the problems of occlusions on the fingers and ensures a restitution

Advantages :

  • full finger tracking with the same existing ART system
  • wireless glove with low latency
  • integration already carried out in Dtrack
  • long battery life and interchangeable
  • multi-user
  • Haptic version hardware compatibility

Manus VR and ART collaborate and present the Prime II ART gloves

The Prime II ART gloves are now available. These gloves will allow the user to use the Manus finger tracking combined with the ART tracking. The Prime II ART is scalable with haptic feedback.

The gloves will allow ART users to have no occlusion issues with finger tracking.


Demonstration of the Prime II ART gloves


Manus Core

Manus Core is the data processing software when using the Manus Prime II ART gloves.

The ART position tracking data will be broadcast from the DTrack client directly to Manus Core. Inside Manus Core, position data will be synchronized with glove data.

This unique data feed can be used with our plugins, inside the Manus dashboard, or any application using our SDK.

Manus dashboard

Get started in less than a minute. With three simple steps, the Manus Prime II ART gloves can be calibrated quickly and precisely. Prime II supports simultaneous multi-user calibration so you and your team can focus on what matters.

Along with Manus Core and the Manus Dashboard, you will also receive our SDK. C ++, C # and Python.

Washable gloves and removable electronics

With many hours of use, it’s essential to keep the gloves in top condition and ready to go for your next session. Manus Prime II gloves are washable. Just make sure to remove the electronics.

Glove textiles can also be purchased separately.

Interchangeable battery

All Manus new generation gloves are fitted with interchangeable batteries, with significantly improved battery life for 5 hours of continuous, uninterrupted motion capture. Choose to charge the battery while in use or charge it individually. Gloves instantly reconnect after swapping out the battery, eliminating recalibration downtime.