Manus VR Prime II Haptics Gloves

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This version of Manus VR’s Prime II Data Gloves has been developed to complement the solutions of the manufacturer Xsens. So you can finally complete the Xsens MVN Inertial motion capture with a pair of precise and easy-to-use data gloves. Advantages :

  • full finger tracking with the same Xsens system
  • wireless glove with low latency
  • integration already achieved with Xsens solutions compatible with most software solutions on the Motion Capture market
  • long battery life and interchangeable
  • multi-user

Manus VR Prime 2 Gloves:

Real world interactions for virtual world experiences

The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are next generation in cutting edge haptic feedback technology. The sense of physical touch is not easily reproduced, with the Prime II Haptic, precision is paramount to deliver intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between user and virtual hands. Whether it’s holding digital objects, feeling textures, pressing buttons or pulling handles in virtual experiences, the gloves offer a snug and comfortable fit to ensure the delicate vibrations are felt. on hands and fingers, with the ultra-fine feedback loop from motor control to the powerful haptic presence in VR. Gloves are insensitive to magnetic interference.

Prime II Haptic dramatically reduces costs and time for teams collaborating on virtual reality projects in motion capture, robotics, prototyping, educational virtual reality, virtual training, etc.

The Prime II Haptic is compatible with various virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest Link and any SteamVR compatible headset

Programmable feedback

Haptic feedback is achieved by assigning a programmable LRA haptic module to each individual finger looping unique signals based on interactions with virtual objects and materials as well as the feedback applied within the virtual experience.

Access the user-friendly dashboard and pilot to calibrate and control your glove agnostics where the haptic feedback is fully customizable and comes equipped with a built-in hardware editor and tuner for signal strength, frequency and resonance.

Configuration gloves manus vr prime 2

finger tracking demonstration gloves manus vr prime 2

Precise finger tracking

Combining ruggedness and precision, all Prime II series gloves incorporate industrial grade flex sensors fused with high performance inertial measurement units, raising the bar in high fidelity finger tracking. Flex sensors measure 2 joints per finger, enhanced with 11DOF tracking of individual fingers by the IMU to ensure fine finger movements. IMU drift is prevented with newly implemented automatic filters, enhanced with robust flexible sensor reference points. This allows for detailed measurement of finger spread without continuous quality loss during live performance capture.

Manus Core

Manus Core, our data processing software, is the central hub for all Manus products.

Free plugins for third party software allow you to stream your data and in real time directly to your custom character in Unity, Unreal, MotionBuilder.

Get started in less than a minute. Your Manus gloves can be calibrated quickly with just three simple gestures. Prime II Xsens supports simultaneous multi-user calibration so you and your team can focus on what matters. Manus Core is also available with our SDK which supports C ++

3D visualization gloves manus vr prime 2

Accessories compatibility gloves manus vr prime 2

Hardware compatibility

One of the main features of the Prime II series is the easy integration with third-party hardware. This is why the Prime II gloves come with a universal mounting system. Allows the mounting of any type of tracker with dedicated adapters. These adapters slide smoothly over the Prime II series gloves.

Here are the adapters available:
> Manus Passive Marker Mount
> OptiTrack Active Puck Adapter
> Vicon Pulsar Active LED Cluster Adapter
> Oculus Rift S / Quest Adapter
> HTC Vive Tracker Adapter

Calibrate in 45 seconds

A 45-second U-turn is enough to move. In three simple steps, the Manus Prime II gloves perform a fast and precise calibration adapted to the user’s hands. Capturing larger groups is also simplified, Prime II supports simultaneous multi-user calibration, which enables smoother team sessions and maximized time, making Prime II gloves an easy and quick choice.

Hand vr prime 2 gloves calibration
demonstration gloves manus vr prime 2

Washable gloves

With many hours of use, it’s essential to keep the gloves in top condition and ready to go for your next session. We made the Prime II Xsens gloves washable by easily removing the sensors from the fabric of the glove. Additional glove textiles can be purchased separately so that all team members have their own personal kit. It suffices to change the sensors from one textile to another to use the same material ensuring responsible hygienic use.

Interchangeable battery

All Manus new generation gloves are fitted with interchangeable batteries, with significantly improved battery life for 5 hours of continuous, uninterrupted motion capture. Choose to charge the battery while in use or charge it individually. Gloves instantly reconnect after swapping out the battery, eliminating recalibration downtime.

battery replacement gloves manus vr prime 2
Software compatibility with vr prime 2 manus glove


The easy integration of Manus gloves is one of our top priorities. By using our plugins, seamless integration into Unity is made possible. The Unreal Engine plugin will be available soon.

The Manus Prime II glove can be used with the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest Link, and any SteamVR compatible headset.

To discover more, visit the website of ManusVR

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