Data Glove 5 Ultra

995  ex. VAT

• Advanced sensor technology
• Supports a large number of applications
• Automatic calibration: minimum 8-bit bending resolution
• USB or serial interfacing (RS 232)
• Cross-platform SDK: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
• Software provided
• Quick update
• Low interference between fingers
• Wireless version available (5DT Ultra Wireless Kit)
• Quick connection
• Models available in right or left handed version, in one size (lycra).



5DT Data Glove 5 Ultra Data Glove

The Data Glove 5 Ultra has been designed to meet the very rigorous demands of a modern motion capture and animation system for professionals. Thus, the system integrates 5 points for measuring movement and capturing the hand.

The digital glove measures the flexion of each finger of the user’s hand (1 sensor per finger). The system interfaces with the computer via a USB cable. A serial port (RS-232 – platform independent) is available as an option. In addition, it features 8-bit flex, extreme comfort, low drift and open architecture.

There is a wireless option kit to accommodate up to 2 gloves on the same kit, connected via Bluetooth (up to 20m distance). The electronic glove is ideal for high speed connectivity up to 8 hours of runtime on a single battery.



Data Glove 5 Ultra electronic glove holder





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