ART Hand & Tree Targets

295  ex. VAT


  • TT1 to TT5
  • LHT1 and LHT2
  • HT23, HT25, HT26, HT27, HT29 to HT32
  • CT11 to CT16

Hand Targets for Passive Targets

Hand Targets were designed to capture hand and elbow motion. They are used for small general purpose targets.

Available: HT23, HT25, HT26, HT27, HT29, HT30, HT31, HT32.



Claw Targets for Passive Targets

Claw Targets allow motion capture of the hand, but are wider and have larger markers than Hand Targets.

Available: CT11, CT12, CT13, CT14, CT15 and CT16.



Large Hand Targets for Passive Targets

Large Hand Targets have been designed for tracking hand movements in dual camera mocap systems. Indeed, their large size allows the user to perform almost any movement, without occlusions.

Available: LHT1 and LHT12.



Tree Targets for Passive Targets

This system was designed for motion capture of HMDs, but can be used for a wide variety of applications. It is suitable for tracking in long distances. Tree Targets have 20mm diameter markers.

Available: TT1, TT2, TT3, TT4 and TT5.