ART Body Targets

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Several targets with several constellations are available:

  • Head Targets (2 constellations)
  • Shoulder Targets (6 constellations)
  • Back / Dorsum Targets (2 constellations)
  • Upper Arm Targets (6 constellations)
  • Forearm Targets (6 constellations)
  • Waist Target (1 constellation)
  • Thigh Targets (4 constellations)
  • Lower Leg Targets (4 constellations)
  • Foot Targets (4 constellations)

Targets for motion capture from ART

Discover all the ART targets available for motion capture activities. All targets have 6 DOF for optimal use.

Also discover the ART sets with 12 targets, 17 targets and 18 targets.


Targets Variables

Head Targets Coated Marker

AG2T4 and AG2T6

and Targets for stereoscopic glasses

Shoulder Targets

UT1, UT2, UT3, UT4, UT5 and UT6

Back / Dorsum Targets

DT1 and DT2

Upper Arm Targets

HBT1, HBT2, HBT3, HBT4, HBT5 and HBT6

Forearm Targets

UBT1, UBT2, UBT3, UBT4, UBT5 and UBT6

Hand & Tree Targets

Cf: Hand & Tree Targets

Waist Target (Big)


Thigh Targets

FBT1, FBT2, FBT3 and FBT4

Lower Leg Targets

TBT1, TBT2, TBT3 and TBT4

Foot Targets

FT1, FT2, FT3 and FT4