NVIDIA Quadro Sync 2

999  ex. VAT

  • 32 4K devices for live streaming from a single system.
  • Ability to switch from HD resolution to 4K projectors using a visualization cluster with 4 independent synchronized graphics outputs.
  • Ability to deploy 3D Stereo screen walls with 36 display devices from a single synchronized cluster.


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The Nvidia Quadro Sync 2 graphics card

The Quadro Sync 2 allows synchronization of the Nvidia Quadro GPU with a multitude of visualization devices and projectors. The solution makes it possible to optimize 3D rendering in stereoscopy on several systems. It is compatible with Quadro graphics cards P6000 , P5000 , P4000 and GP100.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Linux systems, the professional graphics card allows you to synchronize the inputs of multi-screen configurations with peripherals or even 4K projectors, but also screens or projectors to an external source.



Quadro Sync 2 improves the capabilities of its predecessor Quadro Sync

GPU Sync

GPU Sync 2

GPU per card max.

4 4

Cards per system max.

1 2

GPUs synchronized per system max.

4 8

Screens / Projectors per system max.

16 32

Screens / Projectors with Quadro Mosaic max.

16 32

3D Stereo compatibility

Yes Yes

Projector Overlap compatibility

Yes Yes

Windows Management Instrumentation compatibility

Yes Yes



Quadro Sync 2 graphics card support