Polhemus Fastscan Cobra C1

• Fast and flexible: portable device; Easily sweeps complex objects in seconds.
• Analyzes moving objects: the system includes a secondary reference receiver, allowing you to turn, rotate or move objects while scanning
• Auto picker of images during 3D scanning: objects are scanned and stitched in real time without intervening on your computer, eliminating post-processing or the need to place registration marks on the object to be scanned
• Export and format: more than a dozen export formats available
• Surface edit: select and delete raw data points from rounds, enabling, raw scan modification
• Metric or Imperial Units: Allows measurements in the main display window to be calculated in millimeters or inches
• Compact and portable: each unit includes a compact carrying case

Polhemus Fastscan Cobra C1 3D Scanner

The Polhemus Fastscan Cobra C1 laser scanner is quick to set up. Its efficiency by magnetic positioning will allow you to reduce the reproduction time of objects, whether old or precious.

Instantly measure any 3D surface by smoothly scanning it with the laser using the ergonomic handle. In addition, the Fastscan is lightweight and captures 3D images in real time. Once the scan is complete, all you have to do is export it to the CAD, CAM, or 3D modeling software of your choice.



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