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UVISAN VR12 the decontamination cabinet that quickly and safely disinfects your equipment with medical grade UVGI lamps. Simply place your equipment in a compartment, press the “Start” button and in 5 minutes your equipment will be clean.

Certified UVC disinfection cabin

UVISAN VR12 is a decontamination cabinet that helps you to quickly and safely disinfect your equipment with medical grade UVGI lamps. Il suffit de placer votre équipement dans un compartiment, d’appuyer sur le touche “Start” et en 5 minutes, vos appareils seront propres. The cleaning is complete thanks to the UVC lamps arranged in a specific way to give a 360 degree sanitizing effect.

Disinfect your equipment in 5 minutes with the UV-C disinfection cabinet, recommended by HP for the disinfection of virtual reality headsets:

  • Kills 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria
  • Refills, stores and disinfects up to 12 helmets
  • 5 minute cleaning cycle
  • Mobile: Quickly move the cabinet and plug it in
  • Convenient for disinfecting all your equipment: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, headsets, peripherals, accessories…

Maximum capacity and charging function

The VR12 version of the UVISAN VR allows you to host up to 12 VR headsets at the same time, which is very practical for the management of a large park, especially for museums, arcades or companies. The cabin also has USB ports to allow charging of your equipment even during the cleaning cycle. Pretty handy for standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, Pico G2 4K and others…

Secure storage

In addition to its cleaning function, UVISAN VR12 allows you to store and secure your equipment with the locking mechanism (Secure magneticRingLock™ Technology)


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