Cleanbox – CX1

2 450  ex. VAT


  • Disinfect VR, AR & MR communication headsets.
  • Communication Headsets,
  • Controllers and glasses

Cleanbox CX1

A range of sizes for shared devices

The three models in the Cleanbox CX1 series are specifically designed for irregular surfaces and mixed materials on HMDs and any other device or product worn on the face or head. More than 15 lights on each cone target surfaces near the eyes, nose and mouth – the main points of contagion transfer.

CX Series products decontaminate video headsets, headsets, earpieces and HMD controllers. The products in the CX family range in size from small portable solutions to larger back-end solutions.

The CX series of the Cleanbox CX1 is designed to allow captive electronic components to remain connected during cleaning. The CX2 and CX4 also offer charging capabilities.




  • The UVC LEDs we use operate at 265nM
    (the sweet spot that affects the largest cross section of contagious).


  • UVC LEDs do not emit heat, ozone, or use mercury like UVC bulbs and tubes.
  • The CX1 can use any 100-240V, 50-60Hz power source, which means you can use electricity in any country in the world.


  • UVC is short-wave UV radiation and has a very different impact on plastics and lenses compared to UVA or UVB. UVC has no visible impact on plastics or lenses and is completely safe for long-term use.

To learn more about the use of your product, visit the manufacturer’s website Cleanbox.