B-Safe Solo, UV-C decontamination box

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B-Safe is a UV-C light decontamination box. It allows to process a VR headset and its controllers.

Tailor Advice B-Safe products disinfect equipment 360 degrees. Unlike its competitors, B-Safe treats both interior and exterior surfaces.

B-Safe has been laboratory tested on SARS-CoV-2 and provides 99.999% virus reduction in 2 minutes.

Product designed and manufactured in France by the company Tailor Advice.

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Decontamination box for VR headsets and their controllers

B-Safe is a product designed and manufactured in France by the company Tailor Advice.

This UV-C light decontamination box allows to treat a VR headset and its controllers.


UV-C decontamination box for VR helmets

Technical features

A 4-line LCD display
The B-Safe decontamination box displays the remaining time and alerts.
Two languages available: French / English.

A fast USB & USB-C charger
You can recharge an equipment during the disinfection or storage phase.

An NFC reader
Access to the operation of the machine can be controlled by badge.

Sound alerts
At the end of a cycle a beep is emitted to inform the user of the availability of the material.

White ambient lighting
When the door is opened, a small light makes it easy to pick up and drop off products.

A door opening safety sensor
This protects the user from UV rays. After interruption it is possible to resume the cycle for 1 minute.

A keyed opening handle
The material is secured during disinfection and storage.

Smoked transparent door in PMMA
This allows you to see the product but not to let the UV-C through.

Interior mirror coatings
This allows to maximize and optimize the disinfection.

Customizable cover
This allows you to better integrate into your environment.


Visit the manufacturer’s website: Tailor Advice

Download the product sheet: B-Safe