B-Safe NOMAD, Clean box in flight case

2 795  ex. VAT

A box for cleaning VR/AR HMD with UV-C radiation in a practical flycase for your trips, trade shows and other events.

  • Decontaminate your RV/AR devices from viruses, bacteria and other germs
  • Large capacity: 2 headsets and 4 controllers for an effective treatment in 2 minutes
  • Transportable thanks to its “Flight case” type of packaging for excellent robustness
  • Complies with luggage standards (size & weight) which makes it transportable in the hold like a standard luggage
  • NOMAD range designed for mobile and corporate use

Truly transportable

The B-Safe NOMAD has been specially designed to meet the mobility needs of RV/AR users and in compliance with sanitary protocols for operating and entrusting disinfected equipment. Its “flight-case” design inspired by the world of entertainment and audiovisuals makes the product extremely robust and transportable with its telescopic handle and two wheels.

Hygiene & safety

In compliance with protocols and to ensure the safety of your users/collaborators, the B-Safe NOMAD has a mirrored interior coating to maximize and optimize the disinfection of XR equipment. We remind you that UV-C light is the safest and most reliable way to disinfect virtual reality headsets without any deterioration.

Multiple capacity

Its large interior capacity allows to receive and treat simultaneously:

  • 2 VR/AR headsets
  • 4 controllers
  • Optional: A grid for additional accessories

Many features

Disinfecting box with a lot of practical features:

  • USB & USB-C fast charger to recharge equipment during disinfection or in secure storage
  • LCD display to show the remaining time of a cycle (Available in English/French)
  • NFC reader to control the operation of the machine with the NFC badge
  • Sound alerts and mood lighting
  • Lockable with a key to secure your equipment at all times