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Shariiing VR is an add-on for SteamVR that allows an outside user to put annotations in a VR user’s view in real time.



As a virtual reality user, have you ever felt alone in your virtual reality experience? Have you ever needed to broadcast your VR experience to remote observers, to participate in a VR video conference?

When assisting a virtual reality user, have you ever had difficulty communicating your instructions or ideas?

Overview of Shariiing VR

Shariiing VR’s patented approach is innovative and unique because it augments existing virtual reality experiences with collaborative capabilities, rather than replacing them. The VR experience still works as intended in your original VR application. Shariiing VR does not alter this experience, it simply temporarily displays non-invasive graphical feedback on an overlay above the VR experience whenever someone interacts with the mirrored user interface on the computer.

Additionally, when connected to a Shariiing meeting, Shariiing VR brings video conferencing capabilities directly into the VR experience. With Shariiing VR, VR users can view and chat with remote participants, see shared information or even share their own experience while viewing live feedback from other participants.

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Using Shariiing VR on the go


Shariiing VR demonstrates the following benefits:

  • more control over the VR session, as VR users are naturally guided through the expected steps,
  • Time is saved because understanding is faster and there is less need to switch the HMD from one user to another,
  • The findings are easier to work with because the results are clearer and better integrated into existing processes.

Shariiing VR use case

Shariiing VR can help in many situations where communicating with someone in VR is essential. It is therefore particularly interesting in the following cases of use:

  • Virtual tours: the presenter guides the HMD user to the right orientation and location. The presenter has better control over the VR demonstration, and exchanges can be captured for future reference so that visitors’ needs are better addressed. VR virtual tours can be transmitted to stakeholders remotely, which is particularly relevant for VR architecture projects.
  • Project reviews: anyone not wearing an HMD can now comfortably view the 3D world to support the discussion. Shariiing VR is therefore well suited for project and design reviews in the automotive, aerospace or transportation sectors, as observers now participate in the review and accurately illustrate different assumptions. Time is saved because exchanges are faster and there is no need to pass the VR equipment from user to user. Remote attendees can even participate in the exam as Shariiing VR brings video conferencing to VR.
  • Training: reinforces the relationship between the trainer and the trainees, who are no longer alone in VR. Trainees who do not use HMD are made active by assisting the HMD user. Errors can be corrected earlier in the training process to avoid dropouts.
  • Remote Expertise: Remote experts visualize what is happening in the 3D immersive environment and share their knowledge through voice, annotations and data. As Shariiing meetings combine augmented reality and virtual reality, one could even explain in VR what to do to someone in the field.


Shariiing VR enables the following features on the computer running the existing VR application:

  • Stabilize the mirror view of the current VR experience, to avoid dizziness or nausea when observing the experience for a long time, on a large screen or at a distance
  • Draw the user’s eyes in the right direction by simply pointing to the edge of the screen
  • Highlight a specific element of the VR experience by pointing or dragging the target
  • Guide the VR user’s movement by indicating a precise location in the 3D environment
  • Use touch screens for a more natural interaction

In the near future, when connected to a Shariiing meeting, Shariiing VR will introduce hybrid collaboration by enabling video conferencing between desktops, tablets, smartphones and VR systems :

  • Bring video conferencing into the VR experience
  • Participate in video conferencing in VR
  • Broadcast the current virtual reality experience to remote participants
  • View data that is shared in the meeting, including any highlights or annotations made by participants
Using Shariiing VR by positioning the cursor
Overview of using Shariiing VR Overview of using Shariiing VR


Shariiing VR was designed with the greatest compatibility in mind and supports the following configurations:

  • Software: Windows® 10, Steam VR 1.14.15 and higher
  • Software: Windows® 10, Steam VR 1.14.15 and higher
  • VR hardware: HTC Vive and Vive Pro, Valve Index, Occulus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Although Shariiing VR itself has no particular computational power requirements, it can introduce a slight computational overhead (up to 5%).


Minimum configuration:

    • 64-bit operating system and processor required
    • OS : Windows® 10
    • Additional notes : A working Steam VR application is required for Shariiing VR to add collaborative features

Software support: by phone, online and by email + updates, included for the duration of the subscription. 

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