Shariiing Access Box

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Transform your meeting rooms into collaboration spaces, thanks to the Shariiing Access presentation software contained in a box!

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Take advantage of more interactivity with Shariiing Access Box

For smoother presentations, share with a single click, annotate directly on the main screen, enrich your content and take remote control of devices displayed from the main screen. All Shariiing content in one box!



Bring dynamism and efficiency to your meetings

By displaying up to 4 windows simultaneously on the main screen, you then benefit from a global vision of the projects, you confront a greater number of hypotheses and points of view. Discussions become more productive and your decision-making more efficient.



Benefit from a secure collaboration space

Shariiing Access protects the privacy of your meetings. The connection of personal devices to the main screen is protected by a PIN code and no document can be transmitted. It also integrates seamlessly with your IT networks, whether they are single networks, isolated networks or more complex.



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