LG 86TR3BF and Shariiing Advanced interactive whiteboard bundle

8 990  ex. VAT

A complete bundle at an exceptional price to get started with Shariiing Advanced. Present all your data and enrich it with others, locally or remotely with this turnkey kit. COMPOSITION OF THE BUNDLE

  • Large 86 ” LG 86TR3BF touchscreen and IR touch technology
  • Shariiing Advanced * (1 year license)
  • Mini PC type Intel NUC optimized for Shariiing Advanced


* As part of this offer, the Shariiing Advanced software is available as a subscription at € 290 / month instead of € 390 / month, with a one-year commitment, including software support and updates throughout the duration of the subscription. This price will be renewed for the beneficiaries of the offer at the end of the first year.

LG interactive whiteboard bundle and Shariiing Advanced

Bundle tableau interactif LG x Shariiing Advanced


Collaborate locally around your documents and exchange remotely as if you were side by side. Thanks to Shariiing Advanced and the LG 86TR3BF interactive whiteboard, you will energize your meetings and reduce the distance between your teams.


Gather your ideas and facilitate discussions by interacting on the LG 86TR3BF display. Import all your documents into Shariiing Advanced, share and co-create with others. You will be able to boost your team meetings.


Make your presentations more engaging with Shariiing Advanced by scripting them with intuitive handling of your documents on your interactive screen.




  • View and import any type of document and application.
  • Handle, enlarge, organize all your documents intuitively, with several people, simultaneously.
  • Switch to whiteboard mode, create notes and annotate all your content.
  • Connect multiple Shariiing Advanced devices to collaborate between multiple sites.
  • Capture your conversations, record your meetings and pick up where you left off.



  • Height: 86 “
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 3840 × 2160
  • Brightness: 300 cd / m²
  • Contact points: 20 points max in touch / 10 points max in writing
  • Dimensions : 1160 x 1957 x 86 mm (H x L x P)
  • Inputs: HDMI (3), VGA (1), audio (1), RS232C (1), RJ45 (1), USB 2.0 (3), USB 3.0 (3)
  • Outputs: Touch (USB2.0 Type B) (2), HDMI (1), optical / coaxial (1), audio (1)



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