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Optitrack Tweezers

10  ex. VAT

Included in the Facial Markers Kit

Optitrack Facial Reflective Marker Kit – 4mm

100  ex. VAT

Kit of reflective facial markers (hemispheres) 4mm in diameter.

Optitrack Facial Reflective Marker Kit – 3mm

100  ex. VAT

Kit of 50 reflective markers (hemispheres) 3mm in diameter.

Facial Marker Kit

325  ex. VAT

The kit contains:

Optitrack banner kit with reflective markers

29  ex. VAT

Included :

  • 1 black sports headband
  • 2 M4 Large Short marker bases
  • 2 M4 Large Long marker bases
  • 4 reflective markers 12.7mm in diameter

Optitrack hand movement sensors

29  ex. VAT

The pack contains:

Optitrack hand and finger markers

50  ex. VAT

Pack of 10 9mm motion capture markers for hands and fingers.

Optitrack Hand Kit

80  ex. VAT

The Hand Kit contains all the necessary elements for capturing movements of the fingers, wrists and forearms. The Kit includes 10 finger sensors, 4 wrist and forearm sensors and 2 motion capture gloves. The gloves are sold in sizes S / M or L / XL.

Kit containing:

  • 10 finger sensors
  • 4 sensors for the wrists and forearms
  • 2 mocap gloves (S / M or L / XL)