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HTC Facial Tracker

115  HT

The HTC Facial Tracker is the solution that will allow you to bring your avatars to life by allowing them to transmit your facial movements.

This will allow you to transmit your emotions and your opinions more humanely with your avatar.


HTC Vive Tracker 3.0

115  HT

The new HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 has arrived lighter and more compact.

No more limits in your uses to track movements and bring real world objects into the virtual universe.

Data gloves, tangible objects, physical-virtual collocation no more limits!


HTC VIVE Focus Plus + advantage enterprise pack

829  HT

Enjoy professional-quality virtual reality anytime, anywhere with VIVE Focus Plus. A design and scale built for quality, portability and deployment. Improve training with VR. Improve visualization. Improve every aspect of your business with VIVE Focus Plus.

VIVE PRO wireless adapter

420  HT

Don’t let anything hold you back! Meet the official wireless VR adapter for the VIVE PRO. Move around unhindered. Expand your virtual horizons. Make multiplayer virtual reality a reality.

  • The wireless adapter supports an area of 6 meters by 6 meters.
  • Use up to 3 VIVE wireless adapters in one room-wide environment.

HTC VIVE Pro + Advantage Enterprise Pack

1 290  HT

The HTC VIVE Pro virtual reality headset is the newest and most powerful virtual reality system designed by VIVE. It was created to meet the needs of the most demanding virtual reality users. VIVE Pro raises the bar for VR even higher to create particularly immersive virtual reality experiences. The offer also includes the Advantage Pack for Vive Entreprise, dedicated support and service tools for VIVE Pro.


Included in the basic offer:

  • Headphone cable (attached)
  • Face pad (attached)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cap for audio jack (2)
  • Documentation
  • Wireless Controllers (2)
  • Lighthouse (motion tracking) (2)

Vive Tracker Connector

120  HT

Get the most out of your Vive Tracker with the Vive Tracker Connector! Finally, it allows you to attach your VIVE tracker simply thanks to its strap and to be able to add joystick buttons or other interface simply.

The Vive Tracker Connecter consists of the electronic card and a strap. It does not include Vive Tracker HTC .

Also available in the HTC Vive setup .

HTC Vive Tracker

120  HT

Go further in the virtual reality experience with the Vive Tracker!

Also available in the HTC Vive setup .