Perception Neuron 2.0: an increase in quality, a stable price

Available since the summer of 2017, the Noitom suit has changed the rules of the game in the field of motion capture and it is not about to stop with the arrival this month of the second edition of the Neuron perception!

This new version builds on the experience of the suit users and offers, among other things, new non-slip straps, reinforced cables and an improved sensor locking system.


A solution as affordable as ever …

This hardware update retains the Perception Neuron’s most valuable advantage over competing solutions by maintaining excellent value for money, delivering a combination of precise and functional motion capture for just € 1,499.


… and precise


The first version of the combination attracted animation or video game studios, research laboratories, industrial companies, and more … The enthusiasm for the Perception Neuron solution has not weakened, on the contrary, without the price in being the only engine. Accessible and precise, the Noitom suit has the best assets. The principle of this new version is the same: its modular system is based on the NEURON, an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) composed of a 3-axis GYROSCOPE, a 3-axis ACCELEROMETER and a 3-axis MAGNETOMETER.


The strength of the system lies in Perception Neuron’s exclusive algorithms which offer smooth and real movement with minimal latency, now integrated into a Noitom “ecosystem”, allowing other motion capture tools to be easily integrated into your sessions. .


Available on our e-commerce site, ‘ corner shop ‘by Immersion , the Perception Neuron kit with 32 sensors is one of the best-selling products in recent months.