Opinions on Varjo Aero: conquering the general public

Varjo surprises us once again!

It’s certainly the most unexpected release of this year: the new virtual reality headset by the Finnish company Varjo: the Varjo Aero.

Our experts had the opportunity to test it in preview and reveal here their deciphering… Even better: they already made an Unboxing video to complement this article.

Our expert sets the tone on this new headset by revealing that “Varjo is once again pushing the boundaries of virtual reality, here for professionals and the public.”

Varjo Aero: What technical specifications compared to its predecessors?

The latest Varjo VR headset offers us similar features to its predecessors:

  • Eye tracking
  • Automatic intra-ocular adjustment
  • 115° FOV
  • 35 pixels per degree resolution
  • Aspherical lenses

As well as several new features:

  • Very light-weighted
  • Controller
  • Base station
  • One power cable for screens and data transfer
  • More accessible price: from 1890 euros

Base Stations and Controllers are not supplied by Varjo, so you will have to buy Base Stations 2.0 and Controllers like those of HTC.

How did Varjo manage to drastically reduce its costs?

In order to reduce costs, Varjo had to make strategic choices regarding the technical composition of the headset.
In order to become less expensive, several features have been removed. The following features have been removed:

  • The lydar
  • The focus screens
  • The hand tracking system
  • The mixed reality camera
Varjo AERO – Crédits : Varjo

Why is the Varjo Aero considered to be a consumer product?

Varjo’s new virtual reality headset is no longer just for professionals.
With an attractive price, the headset is now targeted at the general public who want to buy a high-quality headset and who can invest in this equipment. Of course, it can also be used for professional purposes: the quality/price ratio is very interesting for those who wish to take their first step in virtual reality or those who wish to deploy these technologies within their structure.

The Aero is positioned in a niche market between high-end headsets (such as the Varjo XR-3 and VR-3) and headsets tailored for the general public thanks to their affordable price (HTC Vive Pro 2 and HP’s Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition). In fact, one could say that it is creating its own place in this brand new category. The Varjo Aero offers certified quality while remaining in an affordable price range compared to its predecessors, which were previously intended for professionals with a substantial budget.

Its opening to the general public is not only due to its price.
From now on, subscription is no longer required if the headset is online.
However, you will have to add an additional budget if you wish to have an “offline” headset, in which case it will be necessary to make a subscription.

Behind the simplification of the connections – remember that there is only one power cable, so only one display port and one USB 3.0 – there is a real desire on Varjo’s part to adapt its equipment to the market that does not have a powerful machine that can run the previous generations.

This VR headset will therefore be able to work with more affordable generations of NVIDIA graphics cards (equivalent to the 3070) and will facilitate the purchase of a laptop equipped with these relatively common types of cards.

Our expert concludes: “By simplifying its headset, Varjo is finally offering a virtual reality solution that will suit the greatest number of people. »

Varjo AERO | Crédits : Varjo

Want to test the Varjo Aero?

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