Neuron Perception: focus on the world’s most affordable motion capture system.

Launched on KickStarter in 2014 and available since last summer, Noitom’s suit is literally changing the rules of the game when it comes to motion capture.

An affordable solution …

The most valuable advantage over competing solutions remains its price: € 1,499. You only need to look back a few years to remember that an effective mocap combination cost at least € 10,000…


… and precise

Animation or video game studios, research laboratories, industrial companies… The enthusiasm for the Perception Neuron solution is not waning. However, the price is not the only reason. Accessible and precise, the Noitom suit has the best assets.

Available on our e-commerce site, ‘corner shop’ by Immersion, the 32-sensor kit is one of the best-selling products in recent months.