Mixed Reality – Reviiiew at the heart of an optics and hearing concept store

Iris & Octave is a hybrid place that questions our senses, in the era of Retail 4.0. At the crossroads between a traditional optical and hearing store, a science and discovery museum and a Fab-Lab. To bring this project to life, Sylvain Figerou, its creator, notably acquired Immersion technologies. Shariiing, collaboration and presentation software, and Reviiiew, Mixed Reality application. Focus on our Reviiiew player  !


Reviiiew to view and interact with one eye and one ear

Installed on three levels in the heart of Bordeaux, Iris & Octave has several spaces. Obviously, there are the traditional areas for the sale of optics and hearing and other examination rooms. But let’s take a look at the space where our player, Reviiiew, is used.

On the first and last floor, the customer can enjoy a sound shower or a hearing rehabilitation chair. He will also review the latest exhibition of optical illusions and even holograms.  !

This is where we discover the experiences of reality  mixed. On the hardware side, we find the standalone Microsoft HoloLens headsets. On the application side, Iris & Octave chose Reviiiew.

Application developed by Immersion, Reviiiew provides access to a gallery of 3D models. The optician displays and interacts with these holograms in collaborative mode with his client: he moves them, changes their orientation …

Educational and fun, this experience encourages people to visualize, discuss and fully understand vision and hearing disorders.


Reviiiew – how it works  ?

With Reviiiew, you simply view your 3D models at 1: 1 scale in the real world with your Microsoft HoloLens.

1 / Import
From your computer, use the USB cable or your OneDrive account to copy your 3D file to your Microsoft HoloLens.

2 / Load your model
From the Reviiiew app on HoloLens, select your 3D file that you want to view.

3 / View your model at 1: 1 scale.
The 3D model appears as a Hologram in your physical space. Reviiiiew’s intuitive interface allows you to adjust your model’s unit, position and orientation.

4 / collaborate
Reviiiew allows you to invite a person also equipped with a Mixed Reality device and the Reviiiew player in order to participate in the same meeting.

How do I get it? Installation is straightforward. Just search your HoloLens Microsoft store for ” Reviiiew  And install the application.


A clientele conquered by Mixed Reality

”  Customers are pleasantly surprised, the wow effect of Immersion’s technological experiences is undeniable. Their playful nature too. », Estimates Sylvain Figerou.

 ”  With Immersion, Reviiiew and Shariiing technologies, our store becomes fun and different. We create a special relationship with our customers, centered on the Human and his senses. They come to live a human and sensory experience that they will not find elsewhere  », Confides Sylvain Figerou.

“Nothing ever happens in an optical store”

When asked why he created Iris & Octave, Sylvain Figerou replies, disillusioned  : “Nothing ever happens in an optical store …”. He adds ”  What I like about my job is taking the time with clients. I like to teach them new things, that they question their senses.  All this, in a traditional store, it does not exist  ! So I imagined it and then realized it.  “

By creating Iris & Octave, Sylvain Figerou wanted to improve the accessibility of information on vision and hearing disorders thanks to new technologies, in particular with Shariiing and Reviiiew of Immersion. How? ‘Or’ What  ? By re-enchanting the customer experience through sensory and fun experiences and a fab-lab. The customer is no longer just a customer, he becomes an actor of his experience.


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To learn more about Mixed Reality and Remote Assistance, download the free white paper written by our expert on the subject: clic here.